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Enhance your attendance and absence management with our modern solutions

UltraVision Consult offers adaptable solutions for monitoring employee attendance and absences. Our system provides real-time access to attendance data, integrating various clock-in methods, from fixed devices to dedicated mobile apps. We offer easy integrations for payroll systems and enterprise platforms such as SAP and Oracle.

In collaboration with Spica, we present All Hours, a cloud solution for efficient time management of employees: from scheduling, monitoring attendance and absences, to generating detailed reports.



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Time&Space – On-Premise solution

Through our partnership with Spica, UltraVision Consult introduces the modular Time&Space solution. Adaptable for complex organizations with multiple locations, it covers various clock-in types, benefiting from advanced functionalities and extensive support.

Clocking terminal – Zone Touch

Zone touch combines a compact and elegant design with extended functionalities, from its integrated card reader to its durable touchscreen, making it perfectly suited for both industrial environments and offices.


  • Payroll integration

Optimize HR and accounting processes with the payroll integration offered by Payroll Integration Framework – PIF within the Time&Space solution.

  • SAP integration

Spica Time&Space adheres to the latest SAP standards, ensuring seamless integration for both on-premise and cloud versions of SAP.

Looking for a comprehensive solution for managing attendance and absences?

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