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Introducing AppVision PSIM

Elevate your security systems to the next level. Unify various technologies and empower operators with real-time information through customizable graphic interfaces.

What is PSIM?

PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) is an advanced system managing information from electronic physical security elements, automation, and SCADA, all hinged on a robust data communication protocol.

Why AppVision?

Open platform

A versatile solution that seamlessly integrates different technologies.

Real-time data

Equips operators with up-to-the-moment information across various applications, from low voltage installations to complex electronic security systems.

Global trust

Utilized extensively worldwide for intricate security and automation projects.

Consistent procedures

Uniform application procedures ensuring optimal operation, management, and command across systems.

Grow with AppVision PSIM

From small setups to expansive multi-site projects, the PSIM platform scales with your needs.

  • – Equipment manufacturers and distributors of automation and physical security.
  • – Command and control centers, and integrated management.
  • – Contractors for building installations and industrial sites.
  • – Property & Facility Management service companies.
  • – Smart buildings with existing security systems.

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